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The popularity of Bluetooth-capable speakers, especially in the portable speaker market, has skyrocketed. It’s not surprising—these convenient and portable devices make listening to personal music libraries from any mobile device easy and fun. Music lovers can share their favorite tunes with the world anytime, anywhere, without worrying about tangling wires or finding an outlet to plug into. Aside from the obvious convenience of Bluetooth capability, here are five more great features your customers are looking for in these trending products.


Bluetooth speakers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some feature clips and handles to suit your customers’ lifestyles. For instance, some speakers feature a convenient carabiner for clipping onto belt loops, backpacks, and bags.

Many speakers offer big sound in a portable package like the 6.5-Inch Portable Bluetooth Speaker from SuperSonic. Don’t let the small size fool you. It has a range of up to 22 feet and a carrying handle. So, your customers can move it wherever they want and entertain their friends, no matter where they go. Petra has a range of convenient portable speakers to choose from so you can find the ideal speaker for your customers.


If your customers intend to take their speakers to the pool, the beach, or maybe even a party that could involve a spilled drink, water-resistance can be great insurance for protecting their speakers. The Waterproof Bluetooth Floating Portable Speaker from SuperSonic can be taken wherever your customers want to splash around water. With its small size and carabiner, users can move this speaker from place to place. Your customers won’t need to worry about getting their Bluetooth speakers wet with this feature. Check out our full line of water-resistant speakers here.


Most Bluetooth portable speakers feature an internal rechargeable battery, which adds to their convenience and energy efficiency. Since they don’t require any electric batteries, they’re better for the environment and your customers won’t have to continually buy new batteries for them.

The Everyday 5-Watt Portable Bluetooth Rechargeable Speaker from Raycon lasts for an impressive 11-hour run time on a full charge.  Users can listen all day without worrying about changing batteries.


A fun party addition to a Bluetooth speaker is lighting or water-dancing effects. Users can watch as well as listen to their music with this cool feature. Sylvania’s Bluetooth Light-Up LED Speaker boasts a range of up to 30 feet, with exciting LED lights that add style to its impressive sound. Your customers will be the life of any party with Bluetooth effects.


Some speakers can outlast both weather and usual wear and tear. The ToughTested Satellite Outdoor Rugged True Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio has a shockproof design that helps protect it from drops and breaks. It’s also able to pair with another speaker, doubling the sound.

The RuggedLife 15-Watt Water-Resistant Bluetooth Rechargeable Speaker and Speakerphone from Ematic is another great durable choice, which is also protected against splashes and drops.


The creativity and options are endless with portable Bluetooth speakers. Whether your customers want practical features like water-resistance and durability or fun visual effects and creative carrying options, they will be able to find exactly the combination of traits they need in a portable Bluetooth speaker. Check out these options and more at order.petra.com and never let the party stop!


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